Target Clothes Haul// August 9th

I recently went and did some school clothes shopping August 9th at Target, so the first haul in the back to school category will be a Target clothes haul and I’ll just be showing you guys the items I got!

The first items I got were short sleeves Mossimo brand medium size shirts. The shirts are very light weight and I could wear them during warm days or during the colder days with a cardigan. They also come in various colors and neck designs to fit different styles and outfits. They were all on sale for $5.00ea (not including tax).

Next I got a few cardigans.

The first cardigan I got was a black and white Aztec print Mossimo cardigan that would Ideally be worn during the winter season because it leans more towards the heavier side , so it would do a better job of keeping me warm. I really loved the print and color of this cardigan, because they went together really well. It cost $20.00, which I thought was a pretty good price for such a high quality attractive cardigan.

The next cardigan I got was also $20.00, but it was more simple, casual and light weight.

This cardigan I would probably wear during the fall/spring seasons or during mild windy days. This cardigan is good quality, but it is also very basic, thin and bland, so I do not think it is worth $20.00 and it should’ve probably been priced at $10-$15, but I needed a basic colored cardi, so I bought it anyways.

Last, I got a few pairs of jeans.

That’s all for my Target haul!

Hope you enjoyed!


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