3 in 1 Back to School Outfits!

Being a girl, I do the stereotypical girl things:

I complain that I have nothing to wear even though I clearly have a closet full of clothes that could last me a lifetime. So I’ve come up with a way to get more outfits without actually getting more clothes.

The Classic Button Up

WP_20150810_12_50_33_ProThis outfit is very typical and nothing out of the ordinary, just the classic button up and a pair of slacks.

Undress Dress Shirt

This outfit describes me completely! I wake up at 5am for school every morning, so of course I’m still tired and half asleep, as any normal human being would be! So this look fits the lazy mood perfectly. It’s as if you were in the middle of dressing or undressing, but you got tired or lazy, so you just left the shirt open. This to me portrays the sexy, sleepy, edgy look 😉


The new “Windbreaker” look has taken America by storm! It’s perfect for hot sunny days. The waist tied shirt catches the wind in a graceful swift motion, which is great for catching a slight cooling breeze.

Thanks for reading!

Hope you enjoyed!


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