Back to School!

Hey guys!!!

So some off you may have noticed that I have not been blogging as much as I should be lately, BUT I have another excuse!

School is starting up again in less than a month for me, September 2nd! Because of this I have to do A LOT of back to school shopping, such as clothes, supplies, and everyday essentials!

For the next month you guys are gonna get the full package! There will be new back to school post in my “Back to School” category once a week starting next week!

I’ve been waiting FOREVER to be able to start doing these post, because back to school shopping is my favorite thing to do when it school time rolls back around.

Every post will be categorized by store, but if there is ever something you wanna see here on VintagexSmiles, just tell me! I have no problem adding it in to the fun!

The back to school post will more than most likely be posted in this order.



Essential, because that is the order in which I shop for everything!

I hope everyone enjoys this! I’ve never done it before so I was just hoping to try it out, just to get the feel of it and see how it flows.

Thanks for reading!!!


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