Guys, I have some explaining to do.

Since school started life has gotten way more hectic and things that were once so important are no so important anymore and blogging just has happened to become one of those things.

Last school year I had a blog and I promised myself no matter what I wouldn’t forget about my blog. Bad idea. Since I couldn’t forget about my blog I forgot about school and in a matter of weeks I went from an A student to a student who struggled to get about a C+.

During that time I let down a lot of people including myself and I never wanted to have to go through the feeling of being a failure again.

Every time I start to procrastinate or get off track of all things school related I think back to that time and I’ve realized that you can’t please everyone, so you’ve got to let dome things go and let some people down in order to move forward.

What I’m trying to say is although blogging is great it doesn’t seal my future. Blogging doesn’t secure me a spot in a good college. School may not either, but there’s a better chance of me going somewhere good in life with an education rather than with a blog.

So I’ve decided to let blogging go and let you guys down. I’ll still be on this blog reading things every once in awhile. I’ll still be opening emails from you guy and chatting through Twitter.

I hope you guys understand my decision and I’m sorry if I have let anyone down because that wasn’t my intention at all.

Until next summer,

Taylor :))))


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