It’s that time of year again!

I can’t wait to go back to school! I miss my friends so much and I just love the excitement of school supplies shopping. I also did some redecorating. I re-did/rearranged my room so my bed is closer to the window so I can open the window and smell/ feel the fresh morning air on my face every morning when I wake up for school! I’m also trying to decorate the walls, so I’ve just put up little things so far like painting, schedules, calendars, and posters mainly because my walls are white and white walls make for a dull room so I had to amp it up. I also started doing more housework lately, since my mom thinks I don’t do anything around the house. My room has been kept nice and tidy for quite sometime now and I started making my bed when I wake up now, because it makes for a better overall appearance of the room. My parents don’t really care if I make my bed or not, it’s not something we we’re raised to do, but I just took it upon myself to do so.


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