I’m brown.

I don’t understand why people look at me in shock when I tell them which school I go to. The first response I get from everyone is “Isn’t that a white people school?”

And it pisses me off! What’s so wrong with a brown skinned child going to school with white people? My parents send my siblings and I an hour away everyday at 5 am just for us to get a good education and for us to experience different things.

99.9% of my friends are white and they are all just like me. We laugh at the same things, we complain about the same things, but nobody notices the positive things about it all they see is a young African-American girl hanging out with “petty” (that’s what people here call them) white kids.

I’m brown NOT black and so what if I hang out with people of different races, that how we learn about different culture and we start to understand and see new things.

Everyone’s heads are so wrapped up around these negative stereotypes that they don’t realize they’re missing out on a learning experience.

This post may not make any sense and I know that there is gonna be that one person like always who dms me on Twitter or Insta and says this is offensive, but I honestly don’t give af. This has been on my mind for awhile now and I’m sick of it.

Color does NOT matter people, and it never will.


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