“Never have I ever…”

  • Wore a thong
    • They’re gross and can cause infections. Don’t believe me? Google it or ask your doctor.
  • Self harmed
    • I don’t have the balls to hurt myself.
  • Killed a animal
    • I’d rather kill a horrid human than an innocent little creature.
  • Learned how to ride a bike
    • It’s just not something I was ever taught, but I’m a teenager and just now starting to learn.
  • Traveled outside of the country
    • The farthest I’ve been was to Alabama when I was like 5.
  • Broken a bone
    • I do the dumbest most dangerous sh*t, but my bones fight through it all.
  • Been to church
    • My family considers ourselves Christian, but we are just really too busy and lazy for church and it’s just not something we do. And don’t give me that “OMG that’s so rude! You can never be too busy for the Lord.” Well sorry to break it too ya, but yes I am too busy.
  • Been seen naked by a guy
    • Besides my dad, well because he’s my dad and he had to change my diapers and bathe me for the first 3 or so years of my life.
  • Truly hated someone
    • Even if I do hate you I love you…unless I really do hate you, then in that case I hate you.
  • Swore in front of my parents
    • Well there was this one time but…
  • Wore a bikini
    • My dad will kill any guys who even looks at his daughters the wrong way, so watch out fellas 😖
  • Had a boy in my bed
    • I’ve had family members and people like that in my bed, but not in a sexual way, because I put books before boys. Cause girl NO boy is gonna get you into college or where you wanna be in life. You BETTER rely on those books and YOURSELF if you wanna get anywhere in life. OKAY? Okay.
  • Been in love
    • ….that’s a lie…oops

I’m in love with my cat and hot celebrities and shirtless toned dudes ;)))

Alright well this post is taking a turn for the worst so we’re just gonna end it right here.

Comment below if you’ve also have never done any of the things on my list or comment your own personal “Never have I ever”!

Thanks for reading!


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