Life Hacks for Summer and Daily Use

For this weeks post I’ve decided to find some things that would make your life easier otherwise known as life hacks and put the best/ most helpful and relevant ones all in one post. Hope you enjoy!

  • Baby Powder
    • Sand is hard to get off sometimes, so rub some baby powder over the sandy areas of your body then dust it off to remove excess sand.
  • Aloe vera cubes
    • Take any kind of your favorite Aloe Vera and pour it into a ice tray. Put the ice tray containing the Aloe Vera in the freezer until frozen. Rubbing the frozen Aloe Vera cubes onto your sunburned area will help sooth the burning.
  • Water Proof phone case
    • Place your phone into a Ziploc bag (or any bag that securely closes) and you will be able to use it underwater to take pictures, play games etc. with out worrying about getting you phone wet.


  • Fresh shoes
    • If you tend to have so “not so fresh smelling” shoes try getting your favorite scented dry tea bag and placing it in your shoe. Leave the tea bags in there for a couple of days and the tea bags will absorb the funky smell. Leaving you with fresh smelling shoes. (If you don’t like/have tea bags do the same method with baby powder or anything else with a fresh scent long-lasting scent.)

Tennis ball item holder


  • Put phone on airplane mode while charging
    • Putting your phone on airplane mode while it’s charging shuts down all apps on your phone that use Wi-Fi or data to charge your phone faster
  • Lasting perfume/body spray scents
    • If you want the scent of your perfume to last through out the day rub petroleum jelly aka Vaseline onto the spots where you usually would spray your perfume then spray the perfume onto your body parts the contain the petroleum jelly. The Vaseline holds onto the scent causing the scent to last longer.
  • Save suitcase space
    • Roll your clothes like hot dogs instead of folding them to save space in your luggage.

Thanks for reading!

Comment below if you tried out any of these life hacks and how they worked for you!

Also comment any other life hacks you know of!


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