Get To Know ME: Q and A Style!

I’ve gotten some questions on, emails and some direct messages on twitter and they were pretty much just people wanting to get to know me and my blog better, so I thought why not answer all these blog related question on my blog?! Great idea, right?

So this blog entry is going to be a Q and A form of a “Get to Know ME”

I hope everyone enjoys and learns a little more about ME!

Q: What made you want to start a blog?

A: This answer is going to be brutally honest 😂 I did not start a blog because of the typical “cliché” reasons like wanting to view the world differently and share my life with others and all that other sunshine and rainbow stuff ☀🌈. I made a blog because I’ve been obsessed with MTV’s show AWKWARD. and the main character in the show, Jenna has a blog and she literally rights EVERYTHING down as it comes to her head, and it just looked fun and seemed like something I would like doing!

Q: What is your biggest pet peeve?

A: OH. MY. GOSH. I honestly have so many!!!

  • Provocative dressing (not dressing your age, especially at school)
  • Sloppiness
  • hypocrites

If I wrote them all down it’d be an essay, so we’ll just end that list there! Mmkay, next question!

Q: What is your favorite AND least favorite thing about blogging?

FAVORITE 😊: I’ve made A LOT of blogging friends (sorta like blogging buddies!!!) and I’m getting to know a lot of people from all around the world, so I thought that was cool cause I’ve only been blogging for about a week now and I’ve already met some really nice people!

LEAST FAVORITE 😢: Having writers block. Another is people finding out about my blog. I want my blog to be known and I want people to hear about it and actually enjoy my writing and value my opinions, so I “self-promote”. Not major though, I just put the link to it in all my social media so people could find it, but all of the kids at my school know my social media so yeah probably just being nervous EVERYTIME I post something!

Q: What blog post are you most proud of and why?

A: All of my school related ones like “Popularity” and “Boyfriend?”, because whenever I read them I don’t use the names of the people I’m quoting so I just find it amusing to imagine what they look like when they see what they said and how other people actually feel about their actions. (If that made sense great! If it didn’t… wellll not so great.)

Fun Facts

  • My favorite colors are red, green, and sometimes purple and blue
  • I have 3 sibling- an older brother, an older sister and a little brother
  • I actually enjoy school- I know what a shocker
  • I LOVE STUFFED ANIMALS (I have buckets upon buckets full of them)
  • I enjoy running- not really for fun, mostly for my schools track team
  • I love editing old stories
    • My best piece and also my most edited piece was written in the 1st grade and it gets edited about 3 times a year every year (let me know if you want me to post the most recent version of that story)
  • My family has had 4.5 pets- a turtle 3 cats and a fish (the fish was my sisters’ but still)

I hope you enjoyed this short get to know me and that you learned something new about me!Thanks for reading


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