Blog Haul/ Process!

Hi guys!!! So today I decided that we could all take a break from the “intense” more “serious” writing and kind of do something more on the fun side!!!

Today I’m going to be showing you my blog haul and blogging process, which is just how I start my writing and all the items I use to do so!



First I’m going to explain the area in which I “work” in, because it’s quite small and doesn’t have a lot of natural lighting, so taking a picture of it would not have been easy. I do have a pretty large computer table/desk that my parents got me a couple years back as an early Christmas present, but it’s kind of out in the open of my room so whenever people come in they can see me right away and I just think that’s kind of too open for my liking. So I choose to work in a little corner of my room and it’s actually very small and a little more private. I prefer working in smaller cozier places.

Now that that’s clear, LET’S GET TO THE HAUL PROCESS!!

First, I usually hop onto my laptop and start writing right away (like literally as soon as I wake up I open my laptop and start planning blog entries!) I usually don’t have time for breakfast anymore because of this so, this first thing in my blog haul process is:


WP_20150721_12_33_00_Pro At the moment my current favorite snacks are Wheat Thins and Hot & Spicy Cheez It! (They are the BOMB!) They are so inexpensive and come in so many different sizes, flavor and they make such a great quick fix for my morning hunger. The ones displayed are from my local Market Basket, but if you don’t have a Market Basket where you live they’re available for shipping online and they’re also a pretty popular brand (where I live, not sure about other places.) so they can probably be found in at least one market where you live!


WP_20150721_12_37_05_ProIn the morning or through out the day I sometimes have a can of Berkley & Jensen soda and yes I know it is not at all healthy to have soda in the morning, but I’m a fairly skinny girl and I’m perfectly healthy, so drinking soda is not something I do on a regular basis so I’m sure that one can every once in awhile won’t kill me…. or will it?

My all time favorite flavors are the orange and the lemon lime. They are way healthier than the leading brands. They’re naturally flavored and I always get the 12 fl oz cans which range from 150- 180 calories. These sodas are a store brand though so they can only be found in Massachusetts at Bj’s Wholesale Club

WP_20150721_12_38_33_Pro I also just get a water bottle (sorry guys these water bottles are not for sale anywhere 😣) and fill it up every night then put it in the fridge or sometimes the freezer so that when I wake up in the morning I have a nice cold bottle of water to drink that’ll probably last me a couple of hours while I blog.


WP_20150721_13_02_28_Pro  WP_20150721_12_59_22_Pro I use a Asus Notebook Pc the X551M model. I highly recommend it. It’s fast, smooth and easy to maneuver, but to me it is quiet big in size  (15.6 inches). It works fantastic though. It is a windows laptop, and it is just everything you need in one. I recommend getting a windows phone to go along with it because they work GREAT as a team. Everything you have on your phone you can sync to you laptop and vice versa. It also has its own apps like a windows version of the cloud and google drive/ docs which I think is really cool because if something happens to your phone and your laptop then you don’t have to panic about losing all your stuff because it will all be saved on the app which you can also access online.



WP_20150721_13_03_14_Pro WP_20150721_13_03_40_Pro I keep a blogging folder mainly to organize my blog related papers and forms, because I personally don’t like saving files on computers because my Wi-Fi is very dysfunctional so if one day my Wi-Fi is messed up and I need something blog related I don’t have to worry about it cause it’s all conveniently saved in a folder. These folders are actually really cheap I recommend getting them during the school year or when back to school sales start because they will be so easy to find in the back to school section and so cheap. This is just a simple purple Mead Five Star folder that can be found at Staples and it comes in every color over the rainbow and in a variety of styles that you just can’t resist! (…well maybe if you have will power you can, but I don’t sooooo). They also have a lot of sales going on so I recommend you sign up for their email list and texting list if you want to save some moneyyyy this year.

Writing Utensils:

WP_20150721_13_05_28_Pro WP_20150721_13_06_14_Pro I hate getting comfy in my bed or in my writing cubicle and then realizing that I forgot whatever writing utensil it is that I need and then having to get back up again to get it. So you want to know what the trick is? Well whether you want to know it or not I’m just going to tell you it anyways. The secret is…

you have to get a plastic pencil case box. I got mine displayed above from Staples. You just got to take that box and FILL IT, AND WHEN I SAY FILL IT I MEAN TAKING EVERYTHING YOU’VE GOT AND SHOVING IT IN THAT BOX UNTIL YOU CAN’T SHOVE ANYTHING ELSE IN THERE NO MORE. I know it sounds crazy, but it saves soooo much time. I’ve got my life in that box.

  • Pencils
  • Pens
  • Sharpies
  • High lighters
  • Staples
  • Stapler
  • Scissors
  • Erasers

Everything! You name it I’ve got it!

(everything listed above I got from Staples)

The MUST haves


WP_20150721_13_08_59_ProThese are just some of the simple older edition Apple Headphones. I do have the newer edition, but they’ve been in my backpack since the last day of school, which was a month ago… so yeah I kinda need to clean that out sometime soon. I just use these to listen to music because I like my music really loud and I listen to a lot of explicit music which doesn’t always work out well cause I have a 7 year old brother who really doesn’t need to be listening to that type of music. So I must use headphones whenever I blog and listen to music.

USB Cord:

WP_20150721_13_09_18_ProThis is just a mini USB cord and with out it I must say none of the photos you see around my blog would ever be possible. This little cord is such a big deal to me because I take all my pictures with my phone and this I use my mini USB cord to connect my phone to my laptop and transfer all the photos. Then I upload all of the photos onto here where you’re all able to see them now 🙂

So that is the end of my blog haul process !

I hope you found something interesting in this post and possibly found something that you may even want to buy?!

If you do end up going to any of the store or buying any of the items mentioned, because of this post tell the worker that “vintagexsmiles” sent you and you will make me so happy and you’ll make the workers so happy which will be doing a good deed by doing something simple!

Comment below what you liked!

Comment below what you didn’t like!

Thanks for reading !


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