No we’re not dating. We’re just really good friends.

Growing up my parents were always tough on my sister and I. We grew up in a place where you always had to be alert, brave, and pretty much show no emotions. We were taught to ALWAYS defend ourselves and NEVER count on anyone else to save us. It was every man or women for themselves. Always being told this caused my sister and I to always play rough. We wrestled like boys. We watched show that weren’t typically made for females. Heck- we even dressed like boys sometimes.

I always loved that our parents taught us this stuff so young, because my sister and I have both run into situations as we have grown where we actually needed to refer back to all of these things taught to us during our childhood.

Going into to middle school and high school we started to get in touch with our feminine side. Wanting to always get our hair done and starting to care more and more about our appearance.

The thing that I believe I have struggled with most growing up is not being about to let go of my “manly” side. It’s not that I want to let go of it, but I’ve always known that if I ever tried to or wanted to it would be extremely hard for me because it played such a huge role in making me who I am today!

Once I hit middle school that’s when all the dating and major crushes began for most of my friends.

I hung out with boys in school ever since my elementary days. talking to guys just came easy for me. They’re so easy to talk to and they don’t nearly have as much drama as most females do. So that always caused me to have 10x more guy friends than I had female friends.

My females friends always ask me, “Are you guys dating?” “Do you like him?” “Does he like you?” and my response is always “No we’re not dating. We’re just really good friends.”

It sucks getting asked this all the time, but as time goes by and I continue to grow I start to understand now that not everyone was raised the same way I was, so they don’t understand the whole concept of a guy and a girl just being friends and how it was taught to me.

I personally love having male friends though, cause they always come to me for their girl advice and I just appreciate how they actually trust me with their secrets and actually want my help with things!

Society nowadays gives the idea that a girl and a guy cannot be friend with out their being anything sexual going on or without them having feeling for one another.

I just want people to know that that is not true at all! You can be friends with whomever you want. If people spread rumors that you guys are dating on anything else along those lines all you have to do is ignore it, keep your chin up and continue on with your friendship, because why would you want to ruin a perfectly happy and healthy friendship over some rumors spread by a bunch of nobodies?

Thanks for reading!

Comment below if you have faced similar situations or know people who have!


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