The Love/ Hate Blogger Challenge


Thank you so much Amy for nominating me for “The Love/Hate Blogger Challenge!”

Here are the rules:

  • Write down 10 things you love
  • Write down 10 things you hate
  • Nominate other bloggers


My cat:

My family got our cat of 7 years now, Cleo (short for Cleopatra) in 2008! When we got Cleo my family and I had going through rough times with the loss of my grandma and having to move. We first ended up getting 2 cat, Cleo and Nefe (short for Nefertiti). Nefe ended up passing away a couple months later from cancer. With my Cat Cleo having just lost a sister and me having just loss my grandma it brought us closer than I had ever expected!WP_20150626_18_40_23_Pro   WP_20150701_21_06_35_Pro

My family:

My family and I don’t get along on a regular basis. My younger brother and I argue over non sense and my older sister and I just pick at one another until one gets annoyed and leaves. My parents aren’t “rich” either, but they make sure that we have everything we need and that we are happy. Even when we are going through tough times our parents even get us things we don’t need, but we want. And when the house is gloomy or nobody is in the mood to smile and laugh, my dad is always there to crack a joke to bring us all back to our happy places again.

WP_20150711_22_47_28_Pro  WP_20150711_19_28_56_Pro



My friends are the most caring, loving and goofy people I have ever met! They’re always there for anyone whether you’re a stranger or a close friend. They laugh and joke about everything and anything, but they can also be serious whenever there’s is something I or anyone else really needs to talk about.

InstagramCapture_bec1bfa8-2aaa-42cc-9893-a2d87d554fcf WP_20150416_07_44_24_Pro InstagramCapture_5598d6f9-683f-4fff-ba78-5aa0711943ef


Books to me are a great escape. They help me understand and see other peoples point of views and they just take me to another world that I never even knew existed!

The Giver by Lois Lowry!


If you happened to have read my “July Playlist” you would know how crazy I am about music! Music to me is way more than a bunch of words thrown together to try and make the charts. It’s a short, intriguing and powerful story.


I just LOVE warm embraces!!! Especially long unexpected ones! I’m a pretty short girl compared to most of the kids at my school, so whenever my friends hug me I just feel so small, safe and loved!

Chicken and Seafood:

I love food.

My tummy loves food.

Lobster is love. Lobster is Life.

and Chicken is just chicken how could you not love it?!

(unless you’re a vegetarian then I totally understand where you’re coming from!)


My parents think I am really “anti-social”, but they have never seen me party and when I party…. I party HARD!


I love clothes! I’m one of those girls who can have a closet full of clothes and still say “I have nothing to wear.”


(He wanted to be on my list so bad 😂)

He’s a really good friend and he always has candy and listens to my ridiculous problems and rants. So thanks Jonah!


Photo bombers:

If I wanted you to be in the picture I would’ve asked you to be in the picture. 😒

Animal abuse(rs):

What if I treated you the way you treated that animal? You wouldn’t like it, would you?! So, if you don’t want to be treated that way don’t treat an animal that way!

Racist, sexist, gay/woman’s’ rights haters etc.:

There’s just no need for it. I understand some people have a reason like, “It’s part of my religion.” and stuff like that and okay I understand that, but keep it to yourself.


I grow little to no armpit and leg hair, so shaving is not something that I have to go insane about, but I don’t remember where I saw it or how I even ever got this image permanently locked into my brain, but I always think that if I ever shave my legs a part of the razor will get caught to my leg skin and just rip off all the skin. So then I will have to use an endless amount of white towels to try and stop the blood and nobody will be home to help me.

Sour lemonade:

It’s gotta be sweet and it’s gotta be cold.

Movie theatres:

They’re so over priced and I hate not knowing who I may end up sitting next to.😐


I don’t have patience when it comes to those types of things. I also get my hopes up really easily so what if it ends up being something that I don’t really like, then I will have patiently waited and got my hopes up for nothing.

People who question my doings:

My family has a reason for everything we do, whether you understand it or not doesn’t matter cause it’s none of your business.

The word “hot”:

I don’t like the word hot when it refers to someone’s looks, especially when it’s from a male directing it at a female. You use hot to refer to an object and I am not an object so don’t ever call me hot. It’s rude and just degrading.

The word “hate”:

I was raised in a family where we don’t use the word hate, especially to describe your feelings towards someone. It’s just such a strong hurtful word and I just prefer not to use it.

I’ve chosen 3 of the bloggers who have either been really active or supportive of my blog!





Thanks for reading!

Thanks again everywordyousay for nominating me and being so nice and supportive of my blog!

Comment below if you agree with anything on my love or hate list!


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