You Look Digusting- a respone post

Today I word scrolling through and came across a beautiful blog written by whom I believe to be a wonderful writer! I’m new to so I was looking for people to follow and things to read- I came across everywordyousay’s post titled ‘You Look Disgusting’.

I was is tears from the being of the video until way beyond the end. Take a look for yourself here.

The things that people will say on and off of social media platforms are just not okay. A human being is a human being no matter how ANYONE else feels about them. Whether a female or even a male at that chooses to wear makeup to cover up their insecurities or even just for the simple fact that they enjoy it either way it’s THEIR decision NOT yours.

Everyone is entitled to their own opinions. I personally do not wear makeup, but that doesn’t mean I’m going to go around and shame the people that do.

Everyone is beautiful whether they believe it or not! With or without makeup you are beautiful. Everyone has insecurities, some people try to fix theirs and others just accept it and leave it alone. Either way it’s their choose and they choose only what they want to do about it.

The comments displayed in that video thrown toward that beautiful young lady were just straight up unsettling. Everyone will go through an acne phase at some point in their life. For some people it’s not as bad as it is for others, but either way we all have it.

I personally do not get a lot of facial acne, but have plenty of friend and know plenty of people who do, but I choose not to take the time out of my day to make them feel bad about something we all go through-

and you shouldn’t either.

I hope this post has opened some eyes to the cruel things that go on in the world.

Comment your opinions below⤵⤵⤵ on how you felt about the video!

Thanks for reading !!!


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