The definition of popularity varies depending on the person. Everyone has a different view on it. So I asked about 78 people for their OPINIONS on it and these were just a few of the responses.

Feel free to comment your answers to the question below⤵⤵⤵

What is popularity to you? What does popular look like? What makes a person popular?

  • I don’t know dude. I guess popularity is different to everyone like everyone has a friend group or two.
  • It’s f*cking stupid. It looks like a bunch of idiots and their ability to be stupid.
  • It’s just having a lot of friends and always hanging out together I guess. Most of the time, Popularity makes people forget where they came from.
  • popularity is when you are loved by everyone which frankly doesn’t exist. Popular people tend to act super sweet to everyone yet says stuff behind everyone’s back.
  • I’d say popular to me is someone that is liked by most people and is attractive to the other sex, and one that is basically perfect in almost every way to the people that care about popularity.
  • popularity is being known or loved or recognized for example if I said (a school) is cool and a friend says that’s ____’s school right? but also, I don’t give a sh*t about popularity, its a horrible thing, and hard to become which is why I and many others don’t care about it anymore.
  • Popularity is stupid sh*t that people want to be.
  • Popularity means nothing to me, nobody is popular everyone is human.
  • Everyone is popular in there own friend groups popularity means nothing.
  • Popularity to me is foolishness because popularity isn’t going to matter when you apply for a job “oh I was popular in middle school so…” its really stupid and there no way to dress popular because the people who are considered popular either wear the same thing/shoes everyday or just don’t know how to dress plus the person is not even that attractive and what makes a person popular, for girls it would be being a hoe and for boys it would be hanging around the hoe. So don’t fall over heels about being popular because most people who are popular in middle school don’t get anywhere in life because they don’t focus on what they need to do all they know is popular so that’s what I think.

NONE of these responses belong to me. I DO NOT take credit for any of the responses written in this post. These were all responses to a question that I asked a few people for their point of views on. All responses came from my Ask.fm account.


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