5 ways to make your summer one to remeber

5 ways to make you summer one to remeberWe all know how it feels when that last bell lets out, signaling to everyone it’s finally over- school is out! The only problem is with roughly 60 days of no school it can be hard to plan fun and exciting events to last the summer! With everyone traveling in and out of town we constantly need new things to grasp our attention each and everyday.

So that is why I have come up with just a few things to insure your summer stays as fun and busy, but also as relaxing and enjoyable as it should be!

  • Go swimming!

Here in New England the weather tend to stay the same for the whole 60+ days- hot, humid and dry. So there’s nothing better to beat the heat than a nice cold swim!

  • Star gazing!

There’s no better time to go grab a blanket- or maybe even a friend and a lye down under the moonlight to watch the stars than summer! The sky is clear of all clouds which makes spotting the stars 10x easier!

  • Hike a trail!

Whether you’re looking to lose weight, reduce stress, or simply clear your head and get out into nature, hiking delivers almost immediate rewards. It’s healthy, it’s cheap and the memories you make along the hike will last you a lifetime.

  • Have a ‘photo shoot’!

Nowadays every feels to need to document EVERY little detail of their life online. Especially on sites like Instagram. So why not grab a camera and some friends and take some “artsy” pictures for the gram!

  • Sleep until noon!

The worst thing about school is that it not only deprives you of your free time, but it also steals away you precious sleep. So what better way to get all that missed sleep back than to sleep until noon on a hot day!


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